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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  November 27, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> you are watching live from paris. berlusconi down but not out. the former prime minister is expelled from parliament, but he insists his political career is far from over. the man on top of the government in mali is jailed for murder. france's burqa band comes under ban comes under scrutiny.
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but they say they broke no rules for wearingworker her headscarf. silvio berlusconi has been expelled from parliament over a tax conviction. he can no longer enjoy immunity that has saved him from a host of troubles. it is a blow but not necessarily an end to his 20 year run. still has a lot of support. he made a defiant address. experience ae to day of mourning for democracy. we need to remain in the battle. there is no point in losing hope if the leader is no longer a senator.
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there are leaders of other political parties who are not in parliament. talking about him. even without being elected, he will continue to fight for our freedom. is alvio berlusconi character who inspires strong feelings among italian voters. he has dominated the political scene for years and has a career that has more than its fair share of ups and downs. kathy has highlights. scandals, international blunders, and legal troubles. for two decades, silvio berlusconi has made it into headlines. bursting onto the scene in 1994, he was elected prime minister,
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only to resign just months later. news he was to be investigated for bribery led to the collapse of his government. he was sentenced to two years behind bars but later acquitted. hisounced back in 2001, freedom alliance sweeping the largest ever majority. , andrvived mass grotesques charges ranging from robbery to corruption continue to plague him. in 2003 berlusconi caused huge offense to a, -- for a comment he made to an mp. >> i know there is a man producing a film on not see concentration camps. concentration camps. you would be perfect. >> the coalition lost by a small margin in 2006. won news later he
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elections. then a string of sex scandals came to a head, and his wife filed for divorce. the team model said she called him daddy and he promised to help her career. a prostitute claims he paid her for sex that one of his infamous hearties. -- parties. p happens to have a passion for beautiful girls. i november -- by november he reached breaking point and resign. the former vermeer was sentenced for seven years for sex with an underage roster toot and for abuse of power as he put pressure on police to release underage prostitute for abuse of power as he put
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pressure on police to release her. in the following months he retained his senate seat, but dirty politicians deserted his party, weaving him more and more politically isolated. he told supporters this doesn't mean the game is over. a coalition government has been theed two months after election. angela merkel has signed an agreement with her former rivals. to lower the age of retirement. they can block her reelection by --ect ring the agreement. rejecting the agreement. >> after 17 hours of negotiations, terminate against political parties overcame political differences to emerge with a plan. after angela merkel fell short of winning a majority in
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national elections, her center- right party agreed to form a grand coalition with conservative parties and social democrats. a coalitionted agreement early this morning between the christian democratic union and the social democrats. we have a grand coalition that will address germany's challenges. >> among the demands, they gradually phase in minimum wage of eight euros 50 an hour. employerser rules for and pension hikes. in the change to immigration policy, people would be able to hold dual nationality. the centerleft party made major concessions, giving up the campaign plates -- pledged to raise taxes on the rich.
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he stressed his emphasis on ordinary people. >> there are things in this agreement i believe will help stabilize the country and restore hope to those who don't have any. >> before the coalition can form a government, it has to be ratified by the half million card-carrying party members. after pouring over the 170 page document, they will cast their vote in early december. >> i am joined by the head of european studies in strasberg. this appears to be more of a than it doeshem for angela merkel. has she had to concede too much in this agreement? think she gave in too much. he arrived at the outcome of the election -- it is quite amazing.
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it is only 30% and still very important the retirement age of 63. side, we have no major advancements and european policy, especially concerning the debt crisis. we have a negotiation that came giveith the compromise to in. it looks quite equilibria did. -- equilibriated. >> do you think this will change the way the eurozone is run?
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do you think this will curb her policy of august there it he? .- policy of austerity >> it may change. the retirement age of 63 may to some internal probes in germany, but we don't see that it would change her stance on the international scene concerning european politics. no points that are going through with the policy. >> thank you very much for joining us. latvia,e minister of
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just weeks after the country enters the eurozone. begins he will now conversations on forming a new government. elections are not was to take place until october of next year. antigovernment protests continue gain in thailand. the demonstrations are aimed at toppling the prime minister. critics accuse her of eating under control of her brother. -- being under control of her brother. are spreadings into the provinces. the numbers are modest, but the protests are gaining momentum. it is a widening effort to cripple the administration and oust the prime minister.
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>> many are calling on government officials to take part in this. >> as the protests gather momentum there are fears the situation could descend into violence. the prime minister vowed the government will not use force and has offered to negotiate an end to the crisis. >> the regime never existed. there was only democracy. whatever you are not happy with, let's talk about it. >> protest leaders maintain it was correct and refused to back down. >> this group of people will quit only when state power is in the peoples hands. >> the antigovernment campaign started last month after the prime minister's party tried to
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pass an amnesty bill. elite and middle classes, the former prime minister was ousted in 2006, which allowed thailand to avoid a jail term on corruption charges. this resulted in over eight years of turmoil. to mali, where the general who led last year's coup has been jailed on suspicion of murder. -- ousting of his elect did of the elected president plunged the party into chaos. >> malian soldiers staged a coup in march, 2012. their leader came centerstage. he condemned government and the failure to put down a rebellion in the north of the country.
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not here to stay in power. i did this for the good of the people. i'm ready to do anything for the good of the people. powerended -- handed over to an interim leader. they have gained around in the north. they are pushing to end the northern rebellion. in june he apologized for mistakes he made. >> i apologize to the whole nation and any person affected by these events. >> human rights watch says he has been implicated since his coup last year. a decision to promote him to general was controversial. judge.eing held now by a >> french parliament is looking into a bill that would make it
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illegal to have sex with a prostitute. this puts france on a different course from other european entries, where they are looking to regulate rather than outlaw the trade. they will initiate a 1500 euro fine for the clients. toy would also be forced attend classes highlighting the harms of restitution. aparis court has ruled private company broke no rules by firing a woman for wearing a headscarf. it is being seen as a test case in france about the ban on wearing the full islamic veil. that is currently being reviewed the court of human rights and its complaint it restricts religious freedom. >> the childcare worker first attended court in 2008. she did so to defend her right to wear an islamic headscarf to work.
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employers sacked her after she refused to remove it. a previous court hearing ruled she had been discriminated against on religious grounds. >> we were only asking for the right to have a secular society. that's now possible, and we are delighted, but it's a long battle. our goal is to live together. we believe we have the right to exist among political divisions >> at issue were legislation that could apply to a worker. the court said they could impose neutrality. he said his client never
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preached or prayed at work and no parent had complained. >> it is threatened by an expression of faith. survey showed four out of five defended her dismissal. the care worker can appeal. >> barack obama has been carrying out one of his most important functions as president. he is pardoning a turkey. event of its6th kind. they are having their 15 minutes of fame in the white house rose garden. time for a reminder of the headlines. butio berlusconi is down
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not out. the former prime minister has been expelled from parliament. he insists his political career is far from over. lower merkel forced to the age of retirement as she enters a deal with her former rivals. the man who toppled the government in mali is jailed on suspicion of murder. this is nine months after the offense that plunged that country into chaos. time for a look at business stories. we are going to start with a look at a retirement deal that has led to a lot of anger. the french executive got into a lot of hot water. he is now under pressure, because he has renounced a
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retirement deal that sparks a furious reaction. off 21nounced they set million euros. afterdue to step down cutting thousands of jobs. was only on wednesday that views emerged of how much they were threatening to cut the carmaker. 21 million euros. with jobs being, trade unions riffled. -- bristled. justified the money at a radio interview. >> when that time comes i will not receive severance pay. majorh the government a stakeholder they were quick to label the figures.
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>> political disgruntlement group. a financialld it's crisis. really? but you still have 21 million to hand over? >> the outgoing ceo finally decided to raise the pension, but he is unlikely to go empty- handed. the package is likely to be refinanced. >> we are bringing you a snapshot of today's stock market. beat economic data and is pushing american shares higher. are amongckard shares the winners after better than expected quarterly earnings. americans applying for benefits dropped
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unexpectedly last week. it is seen as a sign the u.s. labor market is improving. a survey shows consumer confidence is also on the rise. in europe stock markets close with gains under their belts. i higher reading of german consumer confidence seem to leave the markets. stocks were also up after germany's biggest elliptical parties outlined a deal to form a coalition government. months of uncertainty in germany and negotiations between angela merkel's party and democrats. they were also trading higher against the dollar. another year in the red for greece. that is according to the association for economic
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envelopment. they say the economy will contract for a second consecutive year. the forecast goes against that of the greek government. it insists the government will expand, and it is adamant greeks will not have to seek more from the imf. investigators say it is part of richbe that help the clients escape french taxes. the bank says searches of this kind are common in these cases. it also said it cooperated with authorities. a french watchdog said it find them 10,000 euros. time is running out to sign a deal. there is a deadline to take anrt in -- take part in increase. the deal was orchestrated by the
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italian government in a bid to save the airline. the state will be diluted as it is announced it won't take part. filed a patent with the united states. it seems to be part of the rush to wearable electronic devices. that means electronic glasses from google. says this could include a camera and gps device. a blood also include pressure sensor. whethers it is not sure to commercialize the technology. we are just going to have to
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wait and see. >> that is one of the strangest stories we have seen in a long time. >> there has been a rush of criticism. it is a bit weird. i am not sure who would buy it and what you would use it for. >> do you have to wear it every day? >> you can wear it when you want. >> that's it for business. tour.or the latest of the meeting a new generation of traders in morocco's economic capital, casablanca. they are finding out how this city has ambitions to be a major hub in world finance. ♪
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>> welcome today. we are in casablanca, morocco's economic engine. itis looking to increase forecast on the financial stage. we went to meet the new generation of traders. casablanca's stock market has posted october gains of a percent. portfolio ofal clients, sarah faces competition from around the world. we gather news from the morning press, and my role is to transmit them to clients and explain the opportunities or risks of buying or selling on the market. >> they are determined to make casablanca a major hub of world finance.
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>> this is one of the oldest afterexchanges of africa cairo. it was founded in 1929 at the time of the crisis. in 1923 whencame the government decided to privatize state companies. working in france, germany, and dubai, he decided to return -- she decided to return home to raise her family. >> i was born here and grew up .ere like a lot of young people i left for school to study abroad broad. the idea was always to come back to casablanca. >> lunchtime is an opportunity to relax with colleagues. she likes the life. >> on a financial level, i am
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losing, but on quality of life i am winning. people in london and paris aren't necessarily happy with their jobs. here in casablanca if you are good you will find your space. interest.ll be of
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